Loving Someone With Anxiety Won’t Be Easy, But It Will Always Be Worth It

Alvin Mahmudov
Alvin Mahmudov

Loving someone who is plagued with anxiety will never be easy. It won’t be smooth sailing at all times, and there will be times where your love is tested. But in your life, nothing easy is going to be worth it in the end. And nothing easy makes an incredible story. 

You will have to deal with things that you aren’t necessarily prepared for. You are going to have to deal with hardships and chaos that you didn’t expect and that you won’t entirely understand.

But seeing their face go from dark to light in a matter of minutes just by having your presence in the room will make it all worth it.

Seeing their face go from crumpled to comforted will make you see that it’s not about the struggle or the tragedy. It’s about the healing. And you were a part of that. You were a big part of that.

You won’t be able to stop them from having their days where they can’t get out bed. You won’t be able to halt a panic attack before it even starts. You won’t be able to prevent them from shaking in pure panic about all the things that fill their head each day. And you won’t be able to erase their anxiety for good.

But what you can do is be there for them. And what you can do is hold them when they are hurting. What you can do is hold their hand through the worst of it. 

And just by you being there, will turn their world around. Just by having someone to listen their worries and their pains will make the world of a difference. Just by you being there, will make their life a little brighter.

So, don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. But honestly, what relationship is picture perfect anyway? Not any worth mentioning.

Loving someone with anxiety will be hard work. It will be frustrating and confusing and painful. But it will also be incredibly rewarding, enlightening and your love for this person will grow even greater. And I can guarantee you, their love for you will grow stronger as well.

When you love someone with anxiety, you get to see up front what anxiety does to people. You get to see up close what it can do to a person and how it effects so many others. At first it will make you angry. You will want to fight it with all your might and you will want to go to every doctor to just make it go away.

But your presence in this person’s life is so much more important to them, than a pill.

To them, you are their hero. To them, you are their saving grace, their cabin the woods, and their fireplace in the dead of winter. So yes, it won’t be easy. This will not always be an uphill battle. And there will be times where your emotions will get the best of you.

But to watch your loved one go from being tied down by this disease, to being able to shine when you’re around, will be worth it. And being able to watch someone you love go from a crawl to a spring, will take your breath away. You will inspire them, yes. But they will you inspire you even more. And this persons strength will truly change your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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