I Hope I Left You With The Aftertaste Of Our Memories

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

I hope I left you with

the aftertaste
of peppermint and vanilla
from my lips on your chest.

of Dior Addict and green apples
from my winter coat you cast on the floor.

of all the words I whispered to you
that tasted like a promise I could keep.

of my confident touch seeping
into every part of your soul.

of red sangria and of ‘I love yous’
that still echo in your empty bedroom.

of my salty tears and dry cotton mouth
when you told me I had to go.

I hope I leave you now
with the aftertaste
of regret when you chose her over me.

and of cigarette smoke that fills your lungs
when you remember everything you could’ve hadThought Catalog Logo Mark

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