40 Tiny Things Every 20-Something Needs To Do To Jump Start The New Year


1. Really try to eat more veggies (and don’t cover them in cheese).

2. Apply for a credit card.

3. Learn how to do your laundry properly. (This means actually separating whites from darks).

4. Pay your own damn phone bill instead of having your parents do it for you.

5. Budget your money. (There’s a phone app for that, so you really have no excuse).

6. Make your bed up every day.

7. Learn how to fold your sheets the right way.

8. Clean out your makeup stash and get rid of everything that you don’t use.

9. Make a habit of actually washing your face every day.

10. Wake up earlier every day (yes, even on the weekends).

11. Be selfish in your actions and don’t apologize for being yourself.

12. Stop saying ‘sorry’ so much when you have done nothing wrong.

13. Learn the difference between ‘business casual’ and ‘business attire’.

14. Learn how to write proper emails.

15. Get a Linkedin account.

16. Respect your co-workers and respect your boss. Don’t try to be your bosses bestie.

17. Know your alcohol limit and stick to it.

18. Be real.

19. Know how to take constructive criticism the right way.

20. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you a better person.

21. Stop holding onto toxic people and relationships.

22. Write a to-do list every day.

23. Learn how to work well with other people not only at work, but in your personal life too.

24. Say how you feel, even if it sounds blunt.

25. If you are uncomfortable, say something.

26. Let guilt and your mistakes make you a better person instead of weighing you down.

27. Look at failure as a stepping stone to success.

28. Accept yourself for everything that you are, and learn to love your flaws and imperfections.

29. Know that human beings are not robots. You will fuck up from time to time.

30. Respect yourself.

31. If you feel like you aren’t being treated right at work, don’t stay silent.

32. Learn how to love yourself, because at the end of the day you are who you are going to be spending the most time with.

33. Stop giving so much of a shit.

34. Let your downfalls and your heartbreaks turn you into a more knowledgable person.

35. Let your heartbreaks strengthen you and help you grow.

36. Know when to ask for help.

37. Don’t ever hesitate to ask questions. No matter how dumb it is.

38. Try not to fit into a mold. Be who you are, unapologetically.

39. Do not let other people make you feel small or insignificant.

40. At the end of the day, know your worth. Know that you are strong and you deserve the dreams that you want for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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