15 Honest Signs You’re The Real Reason You’re Still Single

MacKenzi Martin
MacKenzi Martin

1. You aren’t over your ex yet.

If you constantly talk about your ex, think about them, or stalk them until the sun rises at dawn, news flash: other people aren’t the problem. It’s you that’s the main reason why you are stuck being single. So stop whining and block your ex ASAP.

2. You spend too much time alone.

I’m sorry, but if you spend all your time alone, how on earth do you expect yourself to magically have a significant other? Get yourself out there. Say ‘yes’ to a girls night out, or a boys night out with the guys. Get out of your comfort zone and stop sulking alone in your bedroom.

3. You don’t know how to let go of toxic relationships.

They say you are the reflection of those who you surround yourself with. If you haven’t let go of that terrible ex or that toxic friend, you aren’t going to be at your best or feel like your best self. Let go of all of that baggage and negativity. You will be better off without them lingering over your head.

4. You fear commitment.

It’s normal to be scared to fall in love and to be scared to jump into a committed relationship. But if you have never been in a relationship out of constant panic and fear that they will leave you, you won’t ever get to fall in love. Take a leap of faith and just try.

5. You have trust issues.

Maybe you had an experience where someone betrayed you who you loved deeply. Maybe you were cheated on by someone who you adored. Regardless of what happened, your fear of trusting people is hindering your love life.

6. You use online dating.

Sometimes online dating apps can be a godsend for beginners. But, more likely than not, online dating apps won’t get you very far and will distract you from who is truly out there. Instead of wasting time on your phone day in and day out, go out and look up from all that technology.

7. You’re focused on your career right now.

I get it. You love your career and your job more than you love yourself, but you’ve got to stop making that excuse. No matter how much Beyonce loved her career, she found time to date and marry Jay-Z, didn’t she?

8. You don’t ‘have time to date’.

I’m sorry but that’s not a valid excuse. If you have time to sit on your ass and watch Netflix by yourself at midnight, you have time to go for drinks with a stranger and you certainly have time to play the field.

9. Your standards are sky high.

I have high standards too. I’m not going to just settle for anybody. But if you don’t even try to go out with someone who isn’t a millionaire or doesn’t look like Liam Hemsworth, you are going to die alone. Try the average looking people out there for a change!

10. You have a type.

I don’t really believe in types to be quite honest. When you have a type, you aren’t as willing to explore other options and different types of individuals. Break down the barriers of your ‘type’ and let yourself become more open to other people.

11. You have low self esteem.

When you have low self esteem, you aren’t as willing to share yourself with another person. You won’t be as open to meeting people and falling in love as you would if you had better self-esteem on the inside and out.

12. You don’t think you deserve big love.

Maybe you had big love and lost it. Maybe you’ve never experienced it before. Whatever the case may be, if you think you don’t deserve it, then you aren’t going to get it.

13. You think you are too young for anything serious.

I had my first great love at seventeen. Age is just a number and if you are blaming your single life on your age, you are just kidding yourself.

14. You think you are too old and it’s too late for you.

You are never too old to find true love! Don’t limit your options and limit what you think you deserve just because you aren’t 20 anymore. Have faith that with patience, you will find ‘the one’.

15. You don’t love yourself.

You have to love yourself before you love someone else. Period. If you don’t love yourself, and are in a relationship, you are going to lose yourself with that person And if you lose that person? You won’t know who you are. Focus on loving yourself right now, and good things will come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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