Read This If You Haven’t Found Your Forever Person Yet

Caleb George
Caleb George

We are all in so much of a rush to find ‘the one’ that we end up hurting ourselves in the long run. We all want that ‘person’ to just fall onto our laps the second we become single. And when we are in relationships, we are absolutely convinced that it will be forever.

But then it ends, and we have to start all over again.

Why are we all so quick to jump into relationship after relationship without ever really thinking about what we need and want? Why are we all so quick to feel a sense of shame in ourselves when we tell other people we are single? And why are we all so quick to jump from person to person instead of wanting to create an actual meaningful partnership?

I know we all want it so desperately. We all want to find ‘the one’. And I get it. I understand the feeling of wanting to share your life with someone. But we need to stop jumping off the ship without looking at what is underneath us. And we need to stop drowning whenever we find ourselves alone.

Here’s the thing, you need to be ok first without being in a relationship. You need to feel fully whole on your own.

Only then, will you be ready to be in a meaningful relationship. Only then will you be ready to have someone love you as much as you love yourself.

So please, stop rushing. Stop obsessing over your nonexistent love life. Stop searching. Stop trying so damn hard. And stop looking. 

Finding your forever person is an important feat, but it is not everything. Because you know what? You need to be your forever person. You need to be your own hero and your own lover. You need to be your own relationship, by yourself. You need to be happy on your own. You need to love you for you, not you when you’re with someone else.

So, who cares if you haven’t found someone yet? Who cares if you are single during the holidays? Who cares if all your other friends are in relationships?

Be the kind of person that is ok without someone else. Be the kind of person that is strong and powerful on your own. Be the kind of person who knows that yes, you are your own forever. And you are wonderful and beautiful on your own.

Only then, will you be ready to find true love. Only after you fall in love with yourself, is when you will be able to open yourself up to someone else. Only when you view yourself as a whole person is when you can finally be someone’s other halfThought Catalog Logo Mark

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