Love Wasn’t Meant To Have Any Rules


Love wasn’t meant to have so many rules. It wasn’t made for people to analyze, to study it during the darkest hours, and it wasn’t made to be written into such a rigid formula.

Love wasn’t meant to be made into charts, into mathematical equations with only one right or wrong answer. Love wasn’t made to be something we had to think logically about before falling.

And love wasn’t made to be something we had to examine.

Because inspecting every little piece of it, and studying ever little thing we say or do when we are falling in love, ruins the beauty of it. It ruins the sudden rush of heat, the unexpected smile that lights your heart up in the dark, and it ruins the beauty of a beginning.

Love was meant to be magic, not made into something that we take to the science labs. Love was meant to be free, to fly when it wants to, to jump when it needs to, and to love when it feels right to.

If you feel that it’s right, don’t try to stop yourself. If you feel like it’s love, don’t run away. If you feel that you are truly falling, don’t convince yourself that it’s not a good idea.

Follow your gut. But allow your walls and your guards to slowly be opened up. Open all of your windows, letting the reality of love hit you in all its glory. Push through those dusty curtains, and allow yourself to let go.

Let go. And let love in.

Love wasn’t meant to be a scary, frightening equation. Love wasn’t ever meant to be something that we had to think twice about.

So please, just jump. Take that leap. Run until your legs give out. Let your heart feel everything. Let yourself grow. Tell him you love him and mean it. Show yourself that you are capable of the greatest love ever imaginable.

Show yourself that you are allowed to love. You’re allowed to feel everything and to taste love with every bone in your body. Show yourself that love is possible, even though everyone else is telling you ‘no’. Show the world that love is possible, even though everyone is telling you to run to the exit sign.

Give love the recognition it deserves. Give love a chance. Stop the overthinking, the over analyzing, and all the voice in your head that tell you it won’t work out. Stop reading into the signs that point you to any other direction.

Take the leap that love has always wanted you to take.

Grab ahold of loves hand, and never stop running towards it’s light. Grab ahold of loves hand, and please, never let go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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