In 2017, Learn To Forgive Yourself

Ryan Moreno
Ryan Moreno

Please, learn to forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for all the words you said. For all the little things you promised you would never speak of again. Forgive yourself for the secrets that spilled out of your mouth before you even knew what you were saying. And forgive yourself for breaking promises.

Forgive yourself for the words you never said. For all the things that you promised you would tell someone, but got too scared. Forgive yourself for not saying ‘I love you’ more and for not speaking out when you needed to be heard. And forgive yourself for staying silent.

Forgive yourself for broken friendships. For friendships that have gone downhill since you left college and for not making an effort to patch them up. Forgive yourself for not mending those childhood friendships where you used to promise them forever. And forgive yourself for growing up.

Forgive yourself for breaking hearts. For breaking up with someone you used to love, for tearing someone else’s heart out of their chest, and for choosing to be alone. Forgive yourself for doing what was right for you at the time, even if it was incredibly painful. And forgive yourself for wrecking someone else.

Forgive yourself for letting people down. For all the canceled plans and trips that you promised you would go on. Forgive yourself for all the unanswered phone calls and texts. Forgive yourself for ever disappointing anyone that you care about. And forgive yourself for failing someone else.

Forgive yourself for letting yourself down. For all the promises you made to yourself and broke, for all the things you said to yourself while looking in the mirror, and for not treating yourself with the love that you deserve. And forgive yourself for being unlovable to your own heart.

Forgive yourself for loving people you shouldn’t have loved. For telling yourself it was right, when your gut was telling you ‘no’. Forgive yourself for falling helplessly for people who weren’t good for you and who treated you like a piece of trash. And forgive yourself for believing in love.

Forgive yourself for not loving people that you could’ve loved. For being too scared to get hurt, and too scared to fall again. Forgive yourself for not giving other people a chance because you were guarding your heart too carefully. And forgive yourself for saying ‘no’ when you could’ve said ‘yes’.

Forgive yourself for causing anyone else pain. For any heartache or bruised ego that you have may have prompted this year, and for anyone that you hurt unintentionally. Forgive yourself for any tears you may have caused. And forgive yourself for being selfish.

Forgive yourself for causing your own heart pain. For ever telling yourself that you weren’t worthy and for ever causing your heart to break. Forgive yourself for treating yourself in a way that you would never treat anyone else. And forgive yourself for being human. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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