11 Things You Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Secretly Emotional As Hell


1. You scream into a pillow once a week.

Who says pillows are only useful for sleep? Screaming into a pillow not only will get some of your deep emotions out, but they will catch your tears too. *Grabs pillow now*

2. You find yourself crying over dog commercials.

I don’t know what it is about dogs, but they seem to have a higher power on us human beings. If you frequently start to cry over even just seeing a dog in person, you may be just a tad bit emotional.

3. You spend way too much alone.

You feel the need to spend a lot of quality time with yourself. The world can be so tiring for you, that you like to relax and do a bit of self care before venturing out again.

4. When you’re getting ready for a night out, you listen to sad, gloomy music.

You adore sad music. And no, this doesn’t mean you’re depressed or that you have issues. You find sad music inspiring and soothing to your soul, and prefer it over anything else.

5. You are your true self only when it’s raining.

You adore the cool air and rain pounding on your window more than you like the hot summer heat. You feel like you are at your best when it’s slightly crisper, and you love feeling connected with nature.

6. You love extremely hard.

When I say hard, I mean hard. You don’t just fall in love, you are more likely to jump into love. You love when someone understands you on a deeper level, and when you find that, you worship it.

7. You hate happy music because it has no ‘meaning’ or ‘substance’ to it.

Honestly, you really don’t give a crap about happy music. It doesn’t speak to your soul in any way, and the lyrics seem to always be glossed over and cheesy.

8. You frequently look at pictures of your exes and sob with a glass of red wine to keep you company.

You aren’t a mess, you’re just an emotional creature who loves to feel all the feels. Sometimes for you, it honestly feels good to let go and give yourself a good cry over the people you have lost.

9. You always give your loved ones the longest hugs ever when saying goodbye.

You love to hug, and when it comes to saying goodbye, you can’t stand the pain goodbye brings. You are known as the best hugger out of your friend group, because you like to be in their presence as long as you can.

10. A good cry in the shower always makes you feel SO MUCH better.

Having a long cry after a terrible day while you are showering, is what gets you through a lot of bad times. It is a release that not many can do, but you prefer to let your emotions out instead of bottling everything in.

11. You over-think everything, all the time.

You are most definitely an over thinker and can take things too seriously at times. You have a huge heart, but when your emotions get the best of you, it’s hard to think logically in certain situations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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