11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Having A Quarter-Life Crisis


1. Have a mini panic attack every time you go on Facebook.

Facebook is full of old friends from childhood that are now married, engaged, having babies, or already multi millionaires. Every time you scroll through your feed, you get filled with so much dread and anxiety that you’re tempted to delete your account.

2. Only feeling semi-happy for a friend when they get engaged.

When your friends get engaged you’re happy for them, but sad for yourself. You wonder what it feels like to have stability in your life and wonder what it’s like to share your life with someone else.

3. Freaking out every time you see or interact with a baby.

Babies are cute when they aren’t yours, but now that you have entered your twenties, the thought of having them right now makes you freak out. They never stop crying or puking, and you can’t imagine having one, never mind delivering one.

4. Calling up your mom and dad every year to ask about how to pay taxes.

You still don’t know how to do your taxes no matter how many times you’ve done them before. They are like a foreign language to you, and you always have to have your parents help you step by step.

5. Thinking you have a terminal disease when you only have a cold.

Whenever you feel even a tiny bit sick you immediately look up your symptoms on the internet. Of course Google overreacts and tells you that you are going to die and you immediately spiral into a panic attack.

6. You constantly think to yourself, ‘is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?’

You don’t really know where you are supposed to be, or what you’re supposed to be doing. You feel like everyone around you is doing so well, and you’re constantly feeling incredibly lost.

7. Not ever knowing what you are doing. Ever.

You are going through life aimlessly, searching for something but not really knowing what that something is. You feel like you are all alone in how you are feeling and honestly don’t know what you are doing half the time.

8. You have an 9-5 job and wear a fancy suit, but inside feel like you are 13.

You have a grown up job and a grown up outfit. But do you feel like an adult? No. You’re quite frankly surprised out of your mind that you even have this job, and you’re wondering what you did to even qualify for it.

9. You secretly want to drop everything and travel the world.

Some days you feel like you want to forget everything, forget about the money, forget about your career, and drop it all. You crave a few months or years of traveling and experiencing new cultures and countries outside of your comfort zone.

10. Sobbing at weddings.

You sob because you truly don’t think that you will ever get married. You write #foreveralone on your RSVP card.

11. Spend time going through old photo albums and getting nostalgic AF.

Going through old Facebook photos and photo albums in your childhood home makes you incredibly sad. Looking at pictures of yourself when you were younger, makes you think about how fast life moves, and how little time you truly have on this earth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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