You Will Move On From The Person Who Stole Your Heart, I Promise

You had a life before him, you know. You had an amazing one, in fact. So, remember the life that you had before he walked in it. Remember the world that shined so brightly before he stole kisses from you in the night. And remember who you were before he left a hurricane in every piece of your heart

You were someone before him. You weren’t just anyone. You were a firework, a framed Picasso painting, a walking body made up of magic and star dust. You weren’t a silly, naive girl.

You were strong, you were bold, and you were beautifully unbroken.

Before he came into your life, you were an unstoppable storm. You were the kind of force that nature couldn’t even stand up to. And you were wonderful weren’t you? Do you remember that you? Do you remember who you used to be?

I know he took a part of your light away. I know he reached inside your soul and snatched matches from your fire. He took away your driving wind, your blinding smile, and he took away the parts of your heart that you never gave him permission to take.

He knocked the wind out of you. But, please, know that you can get it all back.

He didn’t take all of you, darling. You can get your fire back. You can get your smile back. You still have gunpowder and sparks inside of you that he never could take even if he tried. And trust me, he tried to grab it from you. He tried to reach in and take all that strength inside of you to keep it for himself.

But you are too powerful for him to take all of the oxygen out of you. And you are stronger than he will ever be. Because now, you are surviving. You are living. You are breathing. Without him.

I know you have cuts and scrapes that will take time to heal. I know it gets hard to breathe sometimes when you think about him for too long. But, your heart will soon start lighting up again. Your soul will soon start sprouting rosebuds, even though you’re in a drought.

You are going to be just fine. I promise.

Because even though he took parts of you that make you want to give up on everything, what he didn’t realize is, you are going to grow even stronger. And you are going to grow more magic inside of you that he will never ever have.

He took some of your fire, but darling, he could never take away your whole light. And he could never take away your magic. Don’t stop shining. Don’t stop lighting up the world. You’ve got all the love inside of you that you will ever need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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