This Is The Honest Truth About Looking For Someone To Complete You


You think you need a ‘better half’. You think you need someone who completes you, who fits together with you perfectly, and who becomes that missing piece of the puzzle.

You think part of you is incomplete. Like, maybe, just maybe, if you find the right person, you will finally be whole. You think to yourself when you lay in bed alone at night, that maybe one person is all you need to be happy. 

But the honest truth about this is, no one is ever going to complete you.

You’ve got to be whole on your own.

Falling in love is powerful. It can fill you up in ways that you never even knew existed. Love can make you feel more alive than you have felt in years. Love is magical and rewarding. But, love is not going to always make you feel that way.

Soon, you will have to face your own demons head on. You will have to face yourself, no matter how much another person loves you. It’s never going to be enough, if you don’t have that much for yourself. 

No matter how much someone makes you smile and laugh, and no matter how much this someone cares about you, you have got to love yourself just as much as when you aren’t in an relationship.

No other person is going to fill you up to the top. No one has the capability of making you happy 24/7. Love doesn’t even have that kind of power.

So when love stops or when love comes to a defining halt, you need to be able to have that love in your heart for yourself still.

And when love goes up and down, and conversations turn into arguments and silence, you need to be the one to pick yourself up. You need to be the one to still love you. And you need to be the whole person in the equation.

You aren’t a tiny puzzle piece. You aren’t an insignificant missing part of something bigger and better.

You’re already the most beautiful and magnificent being in this universe.

So, don’t downplay your beauty. Don’t downsize yourself for someone else. You are enough on your own. You are enough just the way you are. And you are stronger than you think, on your own. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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