This Is How We Become Strangers Now

It’s all fun in the beginning. It’s all butterflies and pixie dust and love songs. Because in the beginning, you never think about the end. In the beginning, you never think about that kind of love slowly dying, because it burned so damn brightly at the start.

You never see it coming. The day where everything changes. The day the flame flickers in the moonlight. And the day that your love will start to decay and grow weary. 

You won’t know how to act, or what to say. Because in all honesty, you never thought that this would ever happen. You could never picture this spectacular love ever breaking down into dust. Because, in the beginning, it all seemed so damn good. And man was it beautiful.

In the beginning, it was huge hugs, long kisses and never ending conversations. In the beginning, it was drawn out gazes, hand holding and strolls through the snow.

In the beginning, it was the kind of magic that only love can give you. It was pure, innocent, and full of passion. It was beautiful.

But at a certain point, that magic begins to fade. And it’s not the honeymoon phase wearing off. It’s the love wearing off. You won’t know why it’s happening or how to fix it. And sometimes, you won’t be able to fix it at all.

And that’s when you slowly will become strangers.

Talking becomes a chore, laughing becomes forced, and smiles become fake. And you won’t understand it at all. You won’t get how it got to this point. How could something so beautiful turn to something that is damaged and broken? How could something so pure turn into ripped up hearts?

It can’t be understood. It can’t be explained. Because when your best friend turns into a stranger overnight, any logic that you have goes out the window.

And when you become strangers with someone who used to know you like the back of their hand, nothing will make sense anymore.

I wish I could say that there’s a reason. I wish I could say that there’s some huge lesson that can come from broken love. But the truth is, when your best friend and your lover becomes someone who you don’t know anymore, your heart will shatter like it has never done before. And you will be in pieces, because the one thing that you had to hold onto, is now, someone you can never count on again.

You won’t ever understand it. You won’t ever fully heal from it. Because a loss like that, is something you can never get back. A loss like that, is a death. A death of somebody that used to mean the world you. And it’s the death of somebody who used to be your best friend.

And now they are just a stranger on the street. Now, they are just a stranger who you will never meet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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