The Cold Hard Truth About Why You Can’t Get Over Your Ex

Alivia Latimer
Alivia Latimer

I’ve been there. I’ve spent days and months and even years, wishing I could have my ex again. But, looking back, I was wasting my time on someone who wasn’t going to come back. And I was wasting my precious time focusing on someone who frankly, didn’t give a damn about me.

I know you miss your ex. I know you wish right now you were snuggled up in their loving arms. I know you miss their voice and the many words they whispered in your ear at night. And I know you long for their soft touch that could’ve been made up of magic.

But, you need to start focusing on yourself. Not him. Not her. But, you.

And right now, you need to stop looking back on the past like it was some fairytale. The truth is, this person isn’t going to be your happy ending. And this person wasn’t meant to be that blissful ending for you.

Because if they were meant to end up with you, they wouldn’t have left in the first place. They wouldn’t of gone or run away like a little kid scared to look you in the eye.

If they wanted to be your forever, they would still be in your life right now.

Stop looking back on them with glossed over eyes. Stop looking back on them with pure love and pure admiration.

They left you. They ran. They took off and never looked back. So why are you still caught up in their false love? Why are you so obsessed looking back at your rearview mirror?

I know you think that they are perfect. But truly look at your relationship for what it was and look at what you had together. They aren’t perfect. They are full of flaws just like you. And I know you think they are the perfect match for you.

But the perfect match doesn’t get blown away that easily.

I know it’s hard right now. I know you miss them desperately and truly believe that it is fate. And I know you truly believe that they are ‘the one’.

But maybe they were supposed to come into your life to teach you lesson. Maybe they were supposed to come into your life to show you what love was, and to show you fragile it can be. And maybe this person was supposed to come into your life to eventually leave. And maybe you were meant to find someone different. Different than your ex and different than how they treated you.

Maybe they were meant to show you that love is fleeting, but that when it is meant to be, love doesn’t leave. And love won’t run away.

Because when love is true, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. And I promise you, you are going to find it with someone who gets you like he never did. And you are going to find it with someone who looks at you in a way he never did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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