30 Vital Things ‘Gilmore Girls’ Taught Me About Love And Loss

Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life
Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life

1. First love doesn’t always mean forever.

2. Saying goodbye never gets easier.

3. Sometimes it’s easier to run from your problems for a little while until you can get your head straight on again.

4. No matter how much you love someone, it doesn’t mean that it is the right for you.

5. Always follow your gut.

6. Wallowing is absolutely necessary after a breakup.

7. If two people are meant to be, somehow, it will happen.

8. If you love someone, in some circumstances, you have to let them go.

9. Nostalgia that you feel for a first love is perfectly normal.

10. Sometimes, the bad boy is just a lost boy with a good heart.

11. Try to find someone who pushes you to be better and do better.

12. Don’t stay with someone just because you feel like you have to.

13. Sometimes the nice guy is just the boring guy.

14. Don’t ever date someone for their money.

15. You’ve got to work hard at love. And even if you have found your soulmate, that doesn’t mean your journey will be easy. Love can be rocky.

16. Sometimes the person you were meant to be with, is the person who has been right in front of you all along.

17. Tell the person that you love the truth, no matter how bad it is.

18. Say ‘I love you’ as much as you can. You never know when your time with someone will be gone.

19. You don’t have to breakup with someone just because they aren’t emotionally on the same level as you yet.

20. If you don’t feel ready to get married, don’t say ‘yes’ even though you may risk ruining the whole relationship.

21. Yes, you’re allowed to put your career over your love life.

22. Don’t let a guy string you along for too long, or else you’ll get more hurt when it inevitably ends.

23. Don’t hide how you are feeling from your significant other. It’s gonna come out some way or another.

24. You can be incredibly happy and love your life without having a guy in the picture.

25. If your significant other doesn’t get along with your mom, he’s not the one for you.

26. Love means never judging someone for how much coffee they drink.

27. If you love someone, tell them before it’s too late.

28. Don’t run away from the one thing you want most.

29. Never apologize for being a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants.

30. In the end, love is all we have. Cherish it. And adore your loved ones as hard as you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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