16 Things That Need To Stay In 2016



Old friends you only keep because of history. There is no reason you need to be playing nice with people who you have grown apart with. Let those friends go and open your heart up to new people and new friendships.


Ghosting people on social media. Seriously, it’s not cool to stop talking to someone out of the blue. Stop being a coward and tell them how you truly feel.


Comparing yourself to everyone on Facebook. No matter what you do, someone is always going to be ahead of you with work or with your personal life. Life is too short to hate on yourself just because some random girl on Facebook got married.


Procrastination. Turn off Netflix, close your laptop, and get to work. The sooner you are done with work, the sooner you can binge on ‘Friends’ for the millionth time


Settling. Stop settling for someone who doesn’t care about you. Stop settling for a job that makes you not want to get out of bed in the morning. And stop settling for other people. Start living for you.


Gossiping about people behind their backs. Real life isn’t middle school anymore .


Being too scared to say ‘I love you’. I know it’s a vulnerable place to be in, but not saying it could be a huge regret for you later on in life. So go ahead and say it and cross your fingers they feel the same.


Not keeping in touch with your parents. Your parents love you more than anything and it wouldn’t hurt to call them every once in awhile to check in on them. It will make their day.


Trust issues. A lack of trust is a huge reason why breakups happen. If you can’t communicate effectively and trust your significant other with your whole heart, get out of that relationship.


Netflix and Chilling. Seriously, you are worth more than a one night stand.


Taking your real friends for granted. Stop flaking on your friends so much and thinking that they will always be there for you if you keep taking them for granted. Show up and make an effort in all of your friendships.


Spending Friday nights getting black out drunk. It’s not cute anymore, and that hangover is going to hurt like hell the next day.


Putting yourself through strict diets. Life is too short to eat nothing but low fat everything. Eat in moderation and enjoy that chocolate bar every once in a while.


Not paying attention to the little things. Sometimes, the best things in life can come from the tiniest of things and the smallest of gestures.


Having intolerance for other people just because they practice a different religion than you, have a different skin color than you, and live a different lifestyle than you. It’s almost 2017, not 1950.


Under appreciating yourself. You are awesome, you are beautiful, and you are unique. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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