13 Tiny Ways To Stop Fretting About What Your Life Should Look Like And Start Focusing On What You Truly Want Your Life To Feel Like

Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

1. Recognize that social media isn’t real life.

2. Realize that everyone you know is struggling, even if they act like they are perfectly fine.

3. Think about what you would do in your life, if money were never an issue. Would you travel more? Would you drop your terrible job and find something more creative to do? Would you care about what car you drove or what shampoo you used?

4. Learn that the amount of likes you get on a photo should never determine how good or how bad you feel about yourself that day.

5. Think about your most memorable times in life so far. Those moments were most likely times spent with family and friends, not hours spent scrolling through your phone.

6. Know that everyone tries incredibly hard to be perfect in their pictures, in what they write on their twitter, and what they post on Facebook. But that isn’t their true authentic self is it?

7. That perfect job your friend got that looks amazing on paper? It could be awesome for her resume and for her savings account, but have you asked her if she is actually happy? Have you asked her if this perfect office job is truly worth it?

8. Instead of focusing on finding the perfect filter for that food picture you took on your first date, put your phone down and engage in conversation.

9. Make a list of what your life is like now, and where you want to be in one year. I would like to bet that hitting 1K followers on Twitter is not a top priority for you. In fact, I doubt social media was even a part of that list.

10. Take time to think about what makes you feel the most envious in your life. Is it people with better and more successful careers than you? Is it that girl’s perfect white teeth, or her walk in closet? Truly think about if you would feel any differently in your life if you had those teeth or those jobs. My guess is, not so different. Start focusing more on your best assets and your best qualities, instead of what you are lacking.

11. When you wake up every day, make a mental list of one thing to be grateful for.

12. Make a giant list on your mirror about all of the things that you love about yourself, on the inside and outside. Now from now on, every single day, you will have to look at that list head on and see how awesome and beautiful you truly are.

13. Give back to others. When you are down on yourself and your life, there is nothing more satisfying and heart warming then helping others who are less fortunate than you. It is remarkable to see their faces light up from something so simple like a meal or a bag of toiletries. Really think about all that you take for granted every single day, and know that some people don’t even have that luxury. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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