This Is How You Finally Decide To Stop Waiting And Start Living


You stop thinking about everyone else around you. You stop thinking about the expectations and the job you have. You stop thinking about the people you love. And you stop thinking about what everyone else arounds you, wants from you.

Just for a second, you shut everything else off. And you start thinking for once, about you. About what you need. About what you want.

Open your eyes. Now do exactly what you just pictured in your mind. Darling, this isn’t anyone else’s life. You aren’t supposed to please everybody. You aren’t supposed to make everyone else happy. This is about you. This is about you being happy.

You weren’t made for mediocre moments.

You weren’t made for being stagnant and for staying quiet. You weren’t made for spotless tile floors and picket white fences. You weren’t made for fake smiles and for pretending. You weren’t made for a walk in closet and to walk home to the same place every single day.

You were made for spectacular days. You were made for becoming friends with strangers and for being loud. You were made for dirt paths that lead you to blue waves and sunny beaches. You were made for a canopy of polaroid pictures and thumbtacks on your maps. You were made for dirty clothes that have witnessed the world with you. You were made for new foods and tastes that you never knew existed. And you were made for making new homes everywhere you go.

You were made to go, not to stay.

So, don’t push back your goals. Don’t push back your aspirations and your dreams. Don’t keep saying no just out of comfort and out of love. Go. And breathe new salty oxygen. Inhale new sights. And exhale the whispers from the past who tell you what you should be doing where you should be going.

You were made to be a traveler. You were made to walk on fresh snow fallen bridges and to swim across rivers that are too beautiful for words. You were made to find yourself in every new place you go. And you were made to explore everything that hasn’t been written about.

It’s time now to go and live. It’s time to dive into what makes you heart beat faster and what makes your smile grow wider. It’s time to buy a plane ticket and be proud of who you are and what you want to do. It’s time to walk where footprints haven’t smudged the dirt yet.

It’s time to be free. And to be ok with being free.

You’re allowed to live how you want to live. You’re allowed to set yourself free from what a normal life is supposed to look like.  You’re allowed to be you. You’re allowed to run wild. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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