For Anyone With A Broken Heart, Don’t Ever Lose Your Hope

Sophie Oatman
Sophie Oatman

Please don’t let one lost love, ruin your hope for the future. I know you got broken. You got your precious heart stomped on, without your consent. But, don’t let that shattered heart give up. Don’t let your grief consume your faith.

Getting your heart broken is the kind of pain that makes you want to give up. It will make you want to throw in the towel, and to not want to love again.

But, please, love again.

Understand that not everyone gets to have their heartbroken. You’ve had real love already and you’ll find it again. I promise you. Your heart has learned what it feels like to fall hard, and it’s going to fall hard again. And it’s not going to hurt like it does now.

Don’t shut down. Don’t try to make excuses just because you are afraid. Don’t let yourself get drawn to the darkness instead of the sunshine. And don’t let one person wreck your tomorrow.

It’s ok to cry and to hurt. It’s ok to ache and to wallow. But don’t make the mistake of losing yourself with the pain. Don’t let that pain eat up your already weakened heart.

Your heart is too precious to give up on. Your heart already does so much for you. You can’t forbid it to be open to other people. You can’t forbid your heart from beating faster. Just, give it time. Time to grow stronger. Time to heal the wound. Time to regain strength to fall in love again.

You’re too special to give up on love just yet. You’re too beautiful and too smart to give it up.

So, go live your life. Take baby steps. Smile at the guy who just moved in next door. Flirt with the girl at the bar who keeps eyeing you. Don’t shut yourself off from the world. Don’t let one person from the past dictate what you do now.

Go ahead and fall. I promise you, it’ll be worth it at the first sign of butterflies. It’ll be worth it again to say ‘I love you’. It’ll be so, so worth it to love again.

You have too much love inside of you to close off your heart. You have too much love inside of you to lose your hope. So, fall over and over again until you meet someone who makes you realize that love is always worth falling for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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