What It Means To Be A Strong Woman Who’s Coping With Rejection

Thomas Brand
Thomas Brand

There is no easy way to face rejection no matter who you are and what you do. Rejection will always, always be hard no matter how strong you are. But, there is a difference between handling rejection the right way and the wrong way. Sometimes, this can be a very fine line.

Being the strong woman that you are, you know your worth. You know you work hard and you deserve success. You know you deserve that bonus at work, or that promotion. You know you deserve true love, like everyone does in this world. You know you deserve to be happy. Because you have earned it. You have worked so hard to reach your goals, and you know that you out of all people should get it.

But what happens when you don’t?

What happens when you don’t get that job that you have been praying for? What happens when you don’t get that huge promotion that would help you pay off all of your loans? What happens when the love of your life tells you that he isn’t in love with you anymore?

You feel it.

You feel the weight of your false hope crash on top of you. You feel your salty tears run down your blushed cheeks. You feel pain. You feel your hard work amount to nothing. You feel yourself sink to your knees. You gulp up as much fresh air as you can, because you feel as though your lungs are giving up. You feel the rejection. You feel it all.

You wonder if maybe you should’ve tried harder. You question yourself, for a minute. You wonder, ‘what could’ve I done differently?’ But, only for a second.

Then, you get up from the ground. You wipe up your tears, when you’re ready. You stand up with your two feet in front of you, when you’re ready. And instead of questioning your self worth and relishing in this heartbreak, you know that you will still live through this. You know that you are strong enough to withstand this.

You can withstand even the harshest of winds.

So, you work harder. You do not dwell on the past. You do not dwell on your short comings. You do not shoot evil glares at the girl who got the promotion instead of you. You do not beg for another chance at that job you wanted. You do not sit there and wait for your one true love to come back to you. Because guess what? That promotion isn’t going to come back to you. Neither is that job. And neither is that boy.

You have to decide to work harder. You have to tell yourself that it wasn’t meant to be. You have to tell yourself that you can do this, that one day, you will get to be where you want to be. You decide for yourself, that one day, you will get all that you have worked for.

One day. You will.

A strong woman does not give up, even if she wants to. A strong woman faces rejection, learns from it, and does better. A strong woman knows that one day she will get to where she needs to be. And if not today, then tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, then the day after. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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