This Is What It Feels Like To Date Someone Who You Trust With Your Whole Heart


To date someone who you trust wholeheartedly, is to feel like coming home after a long day at work. It feels safe and warm, like sitting next to a fireplace in the dead of winter. To date someone who you know is never going to hurt you, is to date someone who feels like your sanctuary.

Love can sometimes be scary. It can be treacherous even, and it can feel like you are jumping off a terribly high cliff. But if you meet someone who you know in your bones that you can trust, you won’t feel scared anymore. You won’t feel like you’re falling. You won’t feel vertigo at all. You’ll just feel calm. You’ll feel happy. 

You won’t need to feel anxious anymore. Because to trust someone, is everything. It is everything that makes a relationship blossom. It is the true foundation that holds a relationship together.

So if you have trust, then you can have the world with this person.

If you can trust someone with your whole heart, then you can love them with your whole heart. This is magic. This is beautiful. It seems like nowadays, people don’t trust each other anymore. We constantly get jealous. We compare. We stalk their phones in search of a reason for why they aren’t good enough.

We look for a reason not to care. We look for reasons not to love.

But, if you date someone who allows you to trust them and love them, you’ll stop looking for an excuse. You’ll stop looking for a way out. You’ll stop being petrified that they will leave you. Because you know deep down, that they won’t. 

When you find this person, you won’t run anymore. You’ll want to stay. And they will want to stay too. You won’t get that feeling in your chest that makes it hard to breathe. You won’t feel your heart beat race, begging you to go. You won’t be scared to fall anymore. You’ll be ready to love. You’ll be ready to adore. 

Follow your gut. And follow your instincts. If you look at this person and feel safe, then trust that. If you look at this person and feel loved, then trust that. We aren’t all terrible human beings. We aren’t all cheaters or heartbreakers. Some of us just want to be loved in return. Some of just want to be trusted. We want to be loved.

So, if you meet someone who you can trust, don’t let them go.

If you meet someone who feels like home, don’t look for another home. Don’t look for another safe haven. You’ve found it. You’ve finally found it. Don’t let that trust and love go away. And don’t turn your back on it. Because you know, they won’t ever turn their back on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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