I Am A Fool When It Comes To You And Me

 Tyler Rayburn

Tyler Rayburn

I am a fool for you. 
I try to color in the lines for you.
I try to spray paint washes of red on your heart
but you always reply with
muted grey and off white letters.

I am a fool for you.
After all this time. Still.
My keyboard types away
Iloveyou over and over again
until my pointer finger grows numb
and I look at all that red I bled for you.

I am a fool for you.
Shame on this blue bullet that slams into me
every time I remember our past.
Shame on my aching garden mind
that keeps replanting your weeds
even though I desperately try to kill them.

I am a fool for you.
And a fool for you I will be
as long as I can keep closing my eyes
and dreaming about someday.
As long as I can keep typing
every word I won’t ever send. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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