75 All-American Sorority Sister Names And What They Say About Her Personality

Elena Montemurro
Elena Montemurro

1. Rachel: Only owns Lily Pulitzer clothing.

2. Brooke: They call her ‘Blackout Brooke’ for a reason.

3. Rachel: Gets completely wasted after one shot.

4. Rebecca: Obsessed with flash tattoos.

5. Samantha: Only dates ‘Codys’.

6. Ashley: Has a purity ring.

7. Ashly: Takes ‘white girl wasted’ to a whole new level.

8. Kristin: Only listens to country music. Has a Jeep.

9. Crystal: Owns a horse. Rides it to class.

10. Jessica: Only dates guy who help her with her homework.

11. Ally: Sweet on the outside, bitch on the inside.

12. Ali: Has ridiculously shiny hair.

13. Shannon: Brings tumblers of wine to class with her.

14. Laina: Owns five tiny yap dogs and paints their toe nails.

15. Lauren: The worst. 

16. Kala: Was out for winter break to get her nose job retouched.

17. Kara: Obsessed with her ‘little’ and squeals every time she talks about her.

18. Corinne: Never goes a day without her fake tanning lotion.

19. Morgan: Utterly and stupidly boring.

20. Lexie: Too innocent to be in a sorority.

21. Abigail: The loudest girl you will ever meet.

22. Abby: Only friends with pretty people.

23. Adrienne: Will throw up her sorority sign every chance she gets.

24. Bailey: Never ever burps.

25. Alice: Buys her Instagram followers.

26. Eliza: Sends your boyfriend pictures of herself on snapchat.

27. Elizabeth: Has mermaid hair that everyone secretly wants.

28. Maddy: Will do anything for a free shot.

29. Amy: Only ever wears pink. Has satin pillowcases. Loves ‘Gossip Girl’.

30. Katie: Will steal your boyfriend.

31. Brittany: Tries really hard to pretend like she’s dumb.

32. Nicole: Has no pores.

33. Lyndsay: Peaked in 8th grade.

34. Melissa: Thinks she was born just to be hotter than everyone else.

35. Madeline: Instagrams her homemade latte artwork.

36. Delia: Likes to brag to everyone that she never wears makeup because she doesn’t need it. (She’s right).

37. Talia: Legitimately thinks christmas caroling is ‘fun’.

38. Matilda: Peaked in kindergarten.

39. Whitney: Already has her wedding planned out on Pinterest. Has no boyfriend.

40. Heidi: Will kill you with her side eye stare.

41. Belle: Never goes out because she’s too busy ‘trying to save the planet’.

42. Lacey: Too sweet to be in a sorority.

43. Silvia: Will chop you up with her ponytail swings.

44. Anne: The one you keep forgetting exists.

45. Rach: Cries whenever she sees her ‘Big’.

46. Marissa: Doodles in her notebook: ‘Mrs. Insert crush name here’.

47. Summer: Only ever talks about cheerleading.

48. Hilary: The queen of hazing.

49. Arielle: Knows all the words to every rap song since 2000.

50. Luna: Wants to be a model. Has her ‘big’ take her to photoshoots.

51. Holly: The girl everyone wants to be.

52. Vanessa: The girl who showed up after Freshman year with a completely different face.

53. Kathie: Will judge you for eating bread.

54. Elise: She is the girl all of your boyfriends want.

55. Jenna: Only ever whispers.

56. Kimberly: Doesn’t go anywhere without her $5 extensions.

57. Bethany: Still sleeps with her retainer from middle school.

58. Beatrice: Will beat the living crap out of you if you mess with her.

59. Kelsie: Believes she is the true Regina George.

60. Vivian: Will spill wine on your white dress and pretend that it was an accident.

61. Alexandra: Has permanent winged liner tattoos.

62. Maria: Sings instead of speaks.

63. Casey: Always drunk.

64. Leslie: Never leaves the house without 100 layers of foundation on.

65. Kylie: Truly thinks she is Marilyn Monroe incarnated.

66. Erin: Will call you her ‘bestie’ after talking with you for one second.

67. Erika: Possibly psycho.

68. Sara: You have never seen her cry. Could be crazy.

69. Jasmine: Will bitch slap the shit out of you.

70. Tabatha: Who?

71. Tammy: Will take her shirt off anywhere. For anyone. Her roommates are terrified of her.

72. Becca: Impossibly in love with her professor.

73. Carmen: Theatre major. Over enunciates everything.

74. Bridget: Brings her nail polish to class with her. Doesn’t care that the guy next to her wears a mask to class now.

75. Lena: As much as you try, you just can’t hate her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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