26 Signs You Know What It’s Like To Be An ‘Ambivert’

Zechariah Lee
Zechariah Lee

1. You absolutely dread small talk.

2. Going to parties alone is your own personal hell.

3. On some weekends, you say no to all offerings to hang out. You are just too plain exhausted to do anything but lay in bed.

4. People tell you all the time that you ‘live in your own world’.

5. You love attention. You love the compliments and the looks. But if you are the center of attention for something negative? You run the other direction.

6. You can switch from being anti-social to being incredibly social in a second.

7. You love alone time, but you aren’t about to hibernate every damn day.

8. Depending on who you are with, you can easily feel drained talking with others.

9. You are either the star of the show, or the audience member.

10. You don’t mind group projects.

11. You adapt well to any type of social settings you find yourself in.

12. With people you know well, you are extremely talkative and energetic.

13. You don’t understand people who can go out every night.

14. You don’t understand people who never go out.

15. You are shy when meeting new people but they become your bff instantly when they bring up something you are interested in.

16. Your party friends think you are boring when you tell them you’re staying in.

17. A lot of friends get pissed because you flake on them way too much.

18. No one believes you when you tell them you are sick and can’t go out.

19. When you go out, people usually assume you are a wild and ‘forever young’ type of person.

20. You have questioned whether or not you were bipolar more than a few times in your life.

21. Sometimes when people are talking to you, you get so zoned out and have to be snapped out of it.

22. You are perfectly content staying in bed on a Friday night.

23. When Monday comes along, you are so hyped up from that break that you call all your friends to schedule happy hour.

24. Some days, once you get talking, you can’t stop.

25. You say a lot of shit you shouldn’t say to the wrong people.

26. On first dates, you are awkward as fuck. There’s no getting out of that one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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