24 Things I Thought I Would Definitely Have By The Age Of 24


I turn 24 in three months and that kind of terrifies me. I know turning 24 isn’t like turning 21. It isn’t really special in any way, but saying the age ’24’ means something to me.

It means I will have lived 24 years on this earth. It means I have had 24 years of new experiences, good and bad. And I’m crossing my fingers I will actually achieve some of the things I thought I would already have by now.

1. My own apartment.

Lol. I still live with my parents.

2. An exercise routine.

I have been saying for years that one day I will actually work out consistently. Have I done that yet? Nope.

3. A long term boyfriend.

If you have read any of my articles you know this hasn’t happened.

4. A puppy.

I still truly believe that all my life problems would be erased if I had a puppy.

5. Eat well-balanced meals.

Sorry, I like take out Chinese too much. And Chipotle.

6. Savings.

I spend too much money on brunch.

7. Perfect mental health.

No one has perfect mental health in this day and age. Yay for anxiety. And yay for therapists.

8. Independence.

I thought by now I would be living on my own, completely in charge and in control of my life. Yeah, no.

9. Money for traveling.

I love traveling. I love experiencing new cultures. But, I can’t afford to.

10. A social life similar to Carrie Bradshaw.


11. Blemish free skin.

I always thought the second I became an ‘adult’, my acne would disappear. I was 100% wrong.

12. A perfect body.

I like food too much. And my bed.

13. A home near the beach or in a big city.

I have always wanted to live either right by the beach or be immersed in a big city. Hasn’t happened yet.

14. Someone to do my taxes for me.

My dad? The internet?

15. My own car.

I don’t like driving anyways.

16. The ability to cook.

I always thought it would be nice to make my own healthy meals and I really do envy people who know how to cook.

17. Nice clothes.

I still buy all my clothes at ‘Forever 21’.

18. Mastering the perfect ‘beach wave’.

Whenever I curl my hair it takes forever and never ever looks perfect. How do people do this?

19. Making use of my planner.

I love the idea of planners. I love to-do lists. But it still sits on my nightstand unused.

20. Become an early riser.

I wish with all my heart I could be a morning person. I wish I could wake up instantly and start my day happily and energetically. Sadly, I have a love affair with my snooze button.

21. Never have another hangover.

There’s too much good wine in the world for this one to ever happen.

22. More sleep.

I get significantly less sleep now than ever before.

23. A queen size bed.

I still sleep in the same single bed that I slept in as a teenager.

24. An espresso machine.

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? 100%.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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