16 Men Tell Us What Flaws Make Their Significant Other Special To Them

H Influencer Collective / Alivia Latimer
H Influencer Collective / Alivia Latimer

1. “I love her stretch marks. They are signs of growth and of maturity. She always tries to hide them from me, which I will never understand.” — Mark, 30

2. “I’m obsessed with my girlfriends gap in between her two front teeth.” — Peter, 25

3. “I adore my wife’s thighs. And no, she doesn’t have a thigh gap.” — Rob, 35

4. “My girl’s button nose is the cutest thing I have seen in my entire life.” — Stephen, 23

5. “Her stomach rolls. There is nothing sexier than a woman with curves.” — Adam, 28

6. “She despises her moles and freckles, but I think it gives her character. It separates her from all those plastic barbie wannabe’s out there.” — Luc, 27

7. “My wife has a pretty decent sized scar on the left side of her cheek from a car crash. She used to hide it with cover up, but I told her I liked it better without all that makeup.” — Alex, 33

8. “My wife’s curls. She ALWAYS straightens her hair and I don’t get it. Her curls drive me absolutely insane (in the best way).” — Kelly, 30

9. “My girlfriend has always complained about how thin her lips were. But to me, it was always something I loved about her. So many girls these days are getting lip injections, and I think natural beauty is always the way to go.” — Chris, 25

10. “As we have aged, of course we have gotten more wrinkles. My wife is so embarrassed and mortified by them and I always tell her, “honey, don’t you want to show the world that you’ve laughed more than a lot of people their lives? Don’t you want to show off the great life that you have lived thus far”?” — Randy, 50

11. “My girlfriend’s pale skin. She always looks like an angel.” — Jack, 22

12. “I love her most when she is without makeup. Despite the acne scars and markings, I really do believe she is so much more beautiful without piling on that crap.” — Drew, 26

13. “Her tiny eyelashes. I don’t know why, but I think they are so cute and delicate to look at.” — Miles, 23

14. “I adore her crooked smile. It was one of the first things I noticed about her. I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but it definetely was something special.” — Tim, 21

15. “Her chicken legs. There is something so delicate and precious about them.” — Adam, 27

16. “I am obsessed with my wife’s crooked teeth. Every time she smiles, I can’t help but smile too. Whenever she mentions anything to me about getting veneers, I tease her and tell her I’d divorce her if she ever did that.”— Richard, 37 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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