15 Real Men And Women Reveal Their Biggest Life Regrets (So You Can Learn From Their Mistakes)



1. “I regret working so hard. For me, it always go go go. There was no in between. I wish in my early twenties I took more time to play. Now that I’m older, I really regret not having more fun during the time when I was allowed to.” — Nick, 37

2. “I guess for me, I regret not going to college. I wanted to pursue music, so I moved to New York and did my thing there. I succeeded in some sense, I mean I wasn’t living on the street. But, I envy people who got to socialize more with people their age. As soon as I moved, I had to grow up real fast.” — Brianna, 28

3. “My biggest regret so far? Not telling the people I cared about that I loved them.” — Brian, 38

4. “I wouldn’t call it a regret because I believe that everything happens for a reason, but when I was twenty-five, I broke up with my high school sweetheart. I always wonder what would have happened if we were still together.” — Rebecca, 43

5. “I’m ashamed of myself for screwing around so much when I was younger. You don’t realize how quickly the years pass, until you’re forty and still a lost soul.” — Leslie, 40

6. “I always did things for my parents and for others. I never did anything for me. And that’s not a way to live.” — Josie, 25

7. “I regret not taking advantage of what was right in front of me. I had so much to do, I had so many dreams. But did I even try to do them? No.” — Matt, 50

8. “I wish I could’ve been less miserable. I moped around and always felt sorry for myself. It was horrible. I think I just did it for attention.” — Genevieve, 31

9. “This sounds cliche but I wish I could’ve just followed my passions. Instead, all I thought about was the money and the luxuries. Turns out, money didn’t make me happy at all. ” — Stephen, 35

10. “If I were 25 right now, I would drop everything and travel.” — Megan, 47

11. “I wish I could’ve been more grateful. I feel like I never said ‘thank you’ to anything or anyone. It doesn’t take much to be a decent person.” — Kit, 56

12. “I let drama and the negativity get to me. I let people bring me down. I wish I could’ve been stronger and valued myself more.” — Kim, 43

13. “I wish I ate more ice cream and more foods when my metabolism was at it’s best. At the end of the day, weight doesn’t matter. Looks are temporary.” — Maddy, 36

14. “I regret not loving more. In my twenties and thirties there were so many people that I could’ve loved, but I never had the guts to even go for it.” — Katy, 40

15. “I regret not telling my mom I loved her more. She died after my 30th birthday and to this day, I hate myself for not saying it more often.” — Casey, 35 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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