You Are Not Weak Just Because You Are Broken


You are not weak just because you are broken.

I know you feel small, and you feel like a shell of your old self. You feel like a part of your soul is missing, like you will never smile again.

You feel like you will never heal. And you don’t even want to try, because it all hurts too much right now. I know you feel like a shattered piece of glass, and like you will never be able to pick up the pieces on your own.

You feel like you aren’t strong. Like you are pathetic. You feel like you are going to go crazy with grief, and like this is all too much for you to handle. You feel like you aren’t going to get through this.

But, you will get through this. You will. And you’re going to do more than just that.

You are broken, but you are anything but weak. Sure, you are in pain and you are consumed with negative thoughts, but you still are not going to give out. You are broken, but you aren’t gone. No matter how this is smashing you and shaking you, it won’t kill you.

You are broken, but you are surviving. Right now, you are breathing, inhaling, and exhaling. Your organs still work. Your head still works. It just hurts. You are broken, but you won’t be broken forever. The hurt is going to heal. The pieces will be put back together. Your heart will grow and re-bandage itself with time.

You are human.

Everyone breaks at some point. Everyone cries sometimes. And everyone hurts, no matter what. I hope you are never ashamed of your feelings. I hope you never try to hide them from the world.

Crying does not make you pathetic. Grieving does not make sensitive. And hurting does not mean you are weak. It just means you are strong enough to feel. You are stronger than going numb. You are strong enough to actually get through this. And know that these feelings will lead to healing.

So, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are small.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to feel. And don’t let anyone make you feel less just because you have a huge heart.

Being broken is gut-wrenching, but it’s not going to be permanent. Slowly, with time, you will grow from it. You will learn from it. And you will heal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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