What It Means To Love A Girl Who Loves Hard

Damian Borja
Damian Borja

A girl who loves hard, is not naive. She is not dumb to believe that love is magical. She doesn’t live in a dream world.

A girl who loves hard, is a girl who knows that big love is rare. She knows that great and true love could be once in a lifetime. She knows it is one of the best things this world has to offer for two people.

A girl who loves hard, knows exactly how important and vital love is.

To love a girl who loves hard, is to love someone who doesn’t grow quiet when love grabs ahold of her. To love a girl who loves hard, is to love someone who has been broken and broken over and over again, yet still has the capacity in her heart to give more of herself to you. She still, after all these years, has so much love inside of her.

It’s true. Love has not always been kind to her. Love has smashed, and has broken parts of her she will never get back. Love has threatened to destroy her beautiful mind that only wants to believe in something more. And she knows, love can be unkind. But love, can also be life changing.

And no matter how many people have broken her heart, she knows that love is always right around the corner.

To love a girl who loves hard, is to embrace the girl who is a dreamer. She dreams of better things for herself. She knows she deserves it. And you better be able to dream right alongside of her.

This girl is a force. She is a storm. She is not someone to mess with. She is not someone who easily breaks or easily gives up. She will always believe in the power of love. She will always shout out to the moon her truths.

And if you give her a reason to love you, she will.

If you truly give her your heart, she will take it, and she will give you hers. She’s not going to take this lightly. She is not going to see this is as test. No. If you give her a reason to love her, she will, with her whole heart and with her whole being.

She will love you loudly and clearly without question. She won’t take advantage of this love, and won’t take it for granted. She will love you for forever, even if you don’t. She won’t ever let go of that piece of you. She won’t ever stop the memories from spilling out of her chest.

If you love a girl who loves loudly, and if you decide to leave, she will always keep a space inside of her that is dedicated to you.

She will make art out of your heart and your memories. She won’t ever let the goodbye shrink her hope. She will always have hope. She will always hold that love, deep inside of her. And she will never, ever stop loving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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