This Is What I Learned From Gut-Wrenching Heartbreak

Tony Ciampa
Tony Ciampa

This is what I learned from gut-wrenching heartbreak. 

I learned that people telling me that there were more fish in the sea, never made me feel happier.
I learned that people assuring me that I’d find someone better, made me feel worse.
I learned that people telling me it was ‘his loss’, didn’t make me smile.

I learned that most people won’t say the right things. 

I learned that my sadness weighed on me like a ton of bricks.
I learned that the breakup made me bite my nails worse than before.
I learned that I shouldn’t get drunk on Burnett’s and walk to a party all alone.

I learned that alcohol could never make me forget.

I learned that I needed my friends.
I learned that grief comes in waves.
I learned that heartache made me feel physically ill.

I learned that the only person who could fix my heart was me.
I learned that therapy wasn’t something to be afraid of.

I learned that the boys who kissed me at parties, didn’t want love.

I learned that the world can be beautiful even amidst pain.
I learned how to keep on living.
I learned how to keep on breathing.
I learned that I would be able to survive it.
I learned to believe in me.
When no one else did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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