This Is How Your Toxic Relationship Is Taking Over Your Life


While most relationships start out innocently enough, some can end up being severely harmful to yourself and to others.

It’s hard to know when a relationship is going to turn toxic. You can’t see it coming. Sometimes, you don’t see it at all. But everyone around you does. Sometimes, you’re the only one who can’t see it because you are so blinded by this person’s so called “love” for you.

And sometimes, you lose so much of yourself in this relationship, that it’s incredibly hard and time consuming to recover from the pain of it all.

1. Everyone complains about your significant other.
You don’t understand why, but the people who are closest to you, won’t stop commenting about your significant other’s behavior. You think it’s just because they are jealous, but in reality, they are only trying to look out for you.

2. You find yourself spending less time with your friends.
When you find yourself isolating everyone else from your life in order to hang out with your significant other, it’s a true concern. You never used to be the type to ditch fun events or once in a lifetime opportunities. Now, you ditch it all for love.

3. People are saying you have changed.
People and friends you have known for a long time are telling you that you have changed. They say you are not yourself. You tell them you are fine, and you don’t know what they are talking about. But obviously, something isn’t right.

4. You are more angry than ever before.
You get defensive if anyone brings up your SO. You tell everyone that they don’t understand your love, and think they are just jealous of you. You also fight more with your partner and can’t seem to have normal conversations with them.

5. Your partner gets mad at you for the little things.
Your significant other seems to have of a lot anger built up inside of them, and you can’t figure out what to do. You can’t do anything right anymore. They expect you to be their perfect prize, and you can’t seem to please them anymore.

6. You only want them to be happy.
You don’t care anymore about your own happiness. You are entirely devoted to this person, and only want to do what is right by them. You can’t stand the thought of being the reason your significant other is upset, and you will do anything in your power to make them happy.

7. You aren’t happy anymore.
In your gut, you can tell something isn’t right. You can tell something is off. You aren’t the happy go-lucky person you once were. You aren’t care free and comfortable with yourself anymore. Your self esteem has shot down significantly lower than ever before, and you can’t seem to get back to place where you want to be.

Sometimes, toxic relationships seem less noticeable than others.

Some of these relationships seem to be picture perfect from the outside, but are actually destructible and dangerous up close. If you feel like you are in one of these relationships, or have an inkling that someone close to you is, trust your gut. Trust yourself. If you aren’t happy anymore and don’t feel comfortable in this partnership, get out now.

Do what is best for you. Do what is most safe for yourself. And make a change. It’s your life. Not anyone else’s. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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