If Your Friends Don’t Like Him, He’s Not The Right Guy For You


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but, if your friends don’t like the guy you are dating, he isn’t going to be the one for you.


Hopefully, your friends are the type of people who bring out the best in you. They are the ones who you admire and who you respect. Your friends are the people who get you through your hardest days, and who will never give up on you. They are your true soulmates. The kind that won’t leave when you make a mistake. The kind that won’t run for the hills when you become needy. 

Your friends are your heros. And, out of all the people that you know, they never will give up on you.

So, if these soulmates of yours don’t like the person you are dating, that’s a major red flag. That’s a flag you can’t ignore. And one you should never question.

If your best friends have tried to get to know him, and he doesn’t try back, how could you fall in love with someone who isn’t remotely interested in getting to know the people you care about most.

If your best friends try their best to like them, but later tell you that he hasn’t been treating you right, listen. 

Don’t roll your eyes at them and scoff at their remarks. Don’t automatically assume they are jealous or that they are just mad you have been spending a lot of time with this guy.

If they are good people, and are your true soulmates, they only want what is best for you. And they won’t have an ulterior motive.

Truly listen to what they have to tell you. Truly listen to what their opinion is on this person. Because they are the ones who know you best. They are the ones who only want what is best for you. And they are the ones who will be able to sense when something isn’t right.

They won’t be blinded by love like you will be. They will see his true character and his true colors, just by watching you two interact. They will be able to sense in their gut if he is a decent guy or not. And they won’t lie.

So, if your friends ever tell you that something is up, and that they don’t think this guy is what you are truly looking for, don’t shut them out. Don’t shut them up.

Just listen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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