How To Live Life Without The Guy You Thought Was Your Forever

Ines Perkovic
Ines Perkovic

You thought he was your forever.

Your one and only. Your future husband. You thought he was your happy ending, your sunshine during snowy days, and your shelter from the cold.

But then, he decided to do what was best for him, without talking to you about it. He decided to do what was best for him, without thinking of you.

And after the sun rose from the dark sky, he left. He left you crumpled onto your bedroom floor, unable to speak from crying so hard. He left you to pick up the pieces by yourself.

But you can’t do it by yourself.

So here is what you are going to do. You are going to talk it out to everyone you know. You are going to cry your big heart out, until it’s hard to breathe. You are going to attempt to eat, even if it’s hard. You are going to attempt to get dressed, even if it’s hard.

And you are going to keep on living, even if it’s hard.

I know you don’t think you will survive. I know you can’t picture a world without him in it. And I know you cry every time you think of him not being there for you.

But what you don’t know is how strong you already are. You don’t realize the power you have in just yourself. You don’t know how special you are. Because you’ve been neglecting yourself. And it’s time for a change. It’s time for you to start to love yourself again. It’s time to cherish you, and not anyone else. 

My friend, you are going to be ok without him. Because what you don’t know, is that, he is not the universe, or the sun, or the moon. That’s you.

And you are going to do more than just survive. You are going to thrive. You are going to fly. In time, you will. And you’ll surprise yourself. Because right now, you just want him. You just want everything to go back to how it was. But, when you look back on this time, you will see the strength you had inside of you all along. And you will see that you needed this. You needed to start believing in yourself again. You needed to start appreciating yourself and being confident in who you are.

You’re going to be happy again. You’re going to be so proud of yourself. You’re going to be ok. I promise you, you’re going to be ok.

The light at the end of the tunnel is alive. You just can’t see it yet. It’s dim, but I promise you, it’s there.

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