This Is How Our Generation Ruins The True Meaning Of Love

Listen, I’m not trying to knock our generation down a notch. I love this generation. And I know not everyone is ruining what love truly means. Millennials are smart, intuitive and most importantly passionate. But with passion, comes a lack of understanding when it comes to our relationships. 

The truth is, we don’t know how to communicate anymore.

And I’m 100% included in this. Our generation is so scared of confrontation, that we don’t even have human decency to talk to others face to face.

We are so caught up in our own feelings, that we forget to acknowledge the other person that we care about.

We forget to listen to how they feel. And we just listen to our fight or flight instincts.

There’s nothing wrong with being scared of confrontation. But, there is something wrong when we can’t have a hard conversation face to face, to try to explain our feelings for another human being. And this isn’t just about breaking up. This is about falling in love too.

When our generation falls in love, we don’t shout it to the rooftops. We don’t send heartfelt letters declaring our love to someone anymore.

No, we just change our relationship status on Facebook.

We Instagram a cute picture of our significant other for a “Man Crush Monday” post. And then when it comes to telling that person we love them, we get scared. And we put it off. We run. 

Love deserves more than the lies. It deserves our whole hearted truth. It deserves to be shouted, instead of whispered. It deserves our undivided attention and our full, open hearts.

Why can’t we just say how we truly feel anymore?

Why do we hide behind alcohol and keyboards? Why do we question the power of love now? Look, I believe whole heartedly that we all want love. And I believe that we know what real love truly feels like. We aren’t just a bunch of dumb kids incapable of emotion. But, we need to stop pretending we love someone when it’s not true. We need to stop breaking up with people through our phones. We need to stop breaking someone down just because we are unsure of how we truly feel.

I know that our generation is smart. And I know we know how to love. But, we need to start communicating in the right way with one another. We don’t have to write letters, or think of grand gestures to surprise our loved ones. We just need to believe our truths.

We just need to say how we feel, when we feel it. We need to say ” I love you” to someone, when we truly believe it, and when we have no fear.

We need to spend time with the people we love, instead of just “liking” their pictures on Facebook. We need to stop stalking our Instagram accounts for a moment of validation.

All we need is more human to human contact. More face to face conversations. And we need honesty.

We need to finally give love the recognition it deserves.

Love, is the only thing that we have at the end of the day. It’s truly the only thing that matters in this world. So please, give the definition of love some justice. And if you feel it, say it. And if you don’t feel it, then say it. It’s time to stop hiding our feelings in fear, and it’s about damn time we give love a chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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