This Is How Our Generation Falls Out Of Love

Wendy Liu
Wendy Liu

We do it loudly. We do it without a second glance back. We do it unapologetically. We are messy, careless, and selfish.

And I don’t think that’s the bad part at all.

We are a generation of people who know our worth. We know what we deserve. We know if something is wrong. We know we need to follow our gut. We need to listen to our hearts and think with our minds. We are fueled by our independence. We are fueled by our strength that lives within us. We are fueled by our own fire, not anyone else’s. And that’s bad ass.

But we need to be careful with our actions. We tend to forget that our actions, affect other people. And sometimes, our actions, can break someone else. And no matter how ok you are, it doesn’t mean someone else isn’t dying right beside you.

And when something important is happening like a breakup or a first date, all we do is run.

Why do we stare at our phones instead of in another person’s eyes? Why do we glare at our screen when we are angry, instead of stating the actual problem. Why do have text chats instead of dinner dates? What even happened to proper dating? What even happing to proper break ups?

When did our generation become so scared to talk to one another. When did our generation become so obsessed with ourselves, instead of with our connections. What was the point in time when we picked up our phones and dropped our heads down. We constantly over analyze what we type in a message instead of actually analyzing the true feelings we have.

Our generation, is so used to not communicating, that any other thing other than texting scares us. We don’t like phone calls. They give us sweaty palms. We don’t like dinner dates. What if there are awkward pauses?

But I wish we weren’t so scared about the awkward pauses.

I wish we weren’t so scared about the nervous smiles and the shaking legs under the table. I wish we could realize how much beauty there can be in a first date. And how much beauty there can be in a break up.

We need to feel things. We need to start letting things out. And we need to stop being so frightened of the little things. Because unlike our iPhones, and our computers, we can’t hit the reset button. We can’t put ourselves to sleep for days. We can’t decide to freeze and reload. We can’t power off.

We have to live deeply. It’s the only way we will get to experience a true, full life. It’s the only way we will get to say, we lived with no regrets. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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