This Is How I Grew Without You / Vitalliy / Vitalliy

I keep writing sad words.
It’s like my brain is programmed
to only write about my longing for you.
But right now for once,
I want to write about loving you.

You were my happy song that
I actually loved listening to
without rolling my eyes.
You always were my major chord.
My sun that never set.
My moon that never dropped.

How lucky am I
to have had you
like I did.
All of you, soul and body.
All of you
so sweet.

Before you,
I only thought of myself as a weed.
The kind that grew too slowly
without recognition from the gardener.
But then you picked me and
then you chose me.
Your favorite flower.

Now, years without your nourishment
I still stand tall.
I don’t droop anymore.
I don’t wilt with you
on my back.

I stand straight.
My spine aligned and
all my petals intact.
I don’t need your water
I don’t need your soil.
I grow on my own.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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