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Love is f**king scary. And it always will be. It can be so incredibly strong one day, and then it can shatter in the next instant. Without a warning and without a whisper of “I’m sorry”. It is unpredictable and it is messy. But it is oh so worth it.

It’s worth everything.

Love will never not be scary. But, guess what? We will always be obsessed with the idea of it. The idea that someone can come along and change your world. The idea that someone will love you as much as you love them. And the idea that one day you will finally find that. It’s too good to not be true. It all has to be true.

So, don’t close yourself off. Don’t reject the guy who asked for your number at the downtown bar. Don’t walk away from the guy who likes you, just because you are afraid of what might happen next. Open your heart up to the opportunity of it.

Open yourself up to the knowledge that you are a lovable person.

And the knowledge that you deserve to be loved back. You deserve to be adored.

Too many times I see people get hurt. And when they get hurt from love, they turn cold. They turn their cheek away from smiling lips. They brush their hand away from a warm and welcoming hand. They avoid looking in the eyes of someone who could love them better than their past. They hold onto their fear. And they never move forward.

But, please, for your future self, don’t turn away. Don’t lose hope.

Don’t let yourself grimace at the thought of love. Don’t turn your nose up at it. Because no matter how much you get hurt from love, and how much it tries to crumble you up, love will always prevail. It’s not ever going to go away.

And I promise you, one day, you are going to be glad you didn’t turn cold. You are going to be happy you said “yes” to that date. That you didn’t turn the guy from your grad school english class down. Because one day, you’re going to say “I love you” to someone and not shake with anxiety. You are going to be able to hear it being said back to you.

You are going to experience the kind of love that everyone deserves to feel, the kind that is best explained as simply magic.

And you aren’t going to hurt anymore. Because you know, that this love is the kind that finally won’t break. That this is the kind of love that will finally be made up of cells and atoms that never break from one another.

So yes, love is sometimes scary. And love can sometimes be incredibly nasty. But once you find the right one? That fear will be knocked out of you. Instead, you’ll be full of magic. So, don’t ever give up on it. And don’t you dare ever turn your back from the possibilities that love has to offer you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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