Here Is Why You Should Take A Break From Dating Right Now


Dating is fun, I’m not going to deny that. Meeting people you can hopefully connect with, and chatting with new love prospects is exhilarating to say the very least. But, dating isn’t the only exhilarating thing that there is to do in this world. And dating should never be anyone’s top priority.

Having a significant other can be incredible, and falling in love is never something to downplay. But, sometimes you just need to take a break from looking. Sometimes, you need to take a break for your own sanity.

To be blunt, dating can be exhausting, and downright cruel in some circumstances.

You can go week after week on new dates and feel zero connections. You can spend hours getting ready to meet someone new, who ends up not showing up at all. You change what you’re wearing twenty times and end up on a date with a catfish instead. It can be downright painful. And downright annoying.

So, after all of the effort you have been putting towards others, maybe now is the time to put effort to yourself instead. Maybe, instead of stalking people on Tinder tonight and always swiping left, plan a happy hour with your best friends. And instead of stalking your ex on Facebook tomorrow, create some art to get all of that pain out of your heart. Maybe it’s time to work on yourself.

No matter what age you are, there is no better time than the now to focus on yourself instead of finding a significant other.

After all, you won’t be truly happy with another person until you are truly happy with yourself. And you won’t be able to love another person if you can’t love yourself first.

So, go on that hiking trail you have been saving for a future date. Take yourself out to ice cream instead of waiting for someone who will never show up. Spend some quality time with your family who you haven’t seen in ages. Buy yourself some nice take out Chinese food and watch a Netflix movie instead of getting pressured by someone to actually “Netflix and chill”. Dress up for just yourself and smile back at your reflection. Get that lob haircut you always wanted but were too scared to make such a bold statement. Take yourself out instead of having someone do it for you.

You will never be too old to take care of yourself. And you will never be too young either.

It is always a good time to put yourself first and to actually pay attention to what you want for once.

It’s always ok to take a break from dating. There is no harm in just enjoying life by yourself. And having peaceful solitude in yourself will gravitate people towards you, so you also never know who will come your way.

In a world full of online apps, dating meet ups and blind dates, dating can be annoying as f**k. It also can show hideous sides of people who only care about how your face looks instead of your mind. So, feel free to always take a breather. You can always get back in the game when that one guy you always admired starts talking to you in your hometown’s new bar. But just know, there’s no shame in waiting. There’s no shame in not dating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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