17 People Reveal The Last Thing They Ever Texted To Their Ex


1. “I know we can’t be together. But I hope you know, you will always be my forever. I won’t ever forget what we had.” ― Natalie, 29

2. “I’ll see you in hell.” ― Rebecca, 25

3. “You were like home to me.” ― Jenny, 24

4. “I wish you had fought for us like I did. I wish you cared as much as I do. But you don’t. So why should I even try anymore? I’m done.” ― Brian, 31

5. “Your existence is laughable. Now, whenever I picture your face I’ll just LOL. You don’t deserve a tear from me.” ― Ryan 24

6. “It’s time for you to let me go. Please, just let me go.” ― Jessica, 30

7. “Fuck you for pretending to care. Fuck you for lying. Fuck you for pretending you ever gave a fuck about me. I never want to see your face again. Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Don’t show up at my door. I am done with you.” ― Riley, 27

8. “I’m sorry. I know there’s nothing I can say to make it better, but I’m sorry. I never wanted it to end like this.” ― Tom, 34

9. “I don’t know how I’m going to live normally without you. What if I need you and you aren’t there? What if you move on before me? What am I supposed to do then?” ― Laura, 22

10. “I can’t take this distance. It’s too hard. I love you too much to not see you every second of everyday.” ― Chris, 20

11. “Goodbye forever, bitch.” ― Paul, 38

12. “You don’t even deserve this text. You don’t deserve to hear from me again. But I hope you are a mess without me. I hope you realize what you have just lost. I hope you miss me every single night. I hope you try to call this now forever blocked number. Bye asshole.” ― Lindsey, 22

13. “Thank you for making my life a miserable hell. Thank you for messing this whole thing up. Please don’t speak to me ever again” ― Amanda, 35

14. “Good riddance. Have a nice life.” ― Greg, 19

15. “Please don’t forget about me. Please. That’s all I want to hear from you. That’s all that I need to hear you say to me.” ― Christina, 21

16. “Even though you’re angry and hurt, I just need you to know that I never meant to do it. I never meant for any of that to happen. You’re the only one I want. Please, just trust me. Please, hear me out.” ― Luke, 32

17. “I’ll never stop loving you.”― Lauren, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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