You Were My Sea, But You Let Me Drown

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You were my sea
so I named
you the captain
of my ship.

You were my sun
so I let you
have your way with me
and watch me tip and tumble
on the warm earth you
gave to me.

I always knew
you’d never sway me
in the wrong direction.

That you’d never
steer me off course.

Except one day,
the waves turned their back on me
and the current pushed me aside.
The sun turned it’s head
like it already knew
what was about to happen.

I cried out your name.
I told you to
put down the anchor.
But, you were silent.

And I breathed in
your salty clenched fists.

You watched me
in the only place
I called home.

You watched my
for you die
with the rest of my bones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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