This Is How We Love Now

wendy liu
wendy liu

Love. It’s such a sacred and beautiful word yet, nowadays we use it to a tiresome extent. We overload our sentences, spitting out “love” every time we get the chance. We “love” those cookies. We “love” that lamp. We “love” that brand of designer bags.

I don’t know how we mixed and twisted this word up so badly. We mock the importance of it, and change the way people see it. No wonder our generation is so screwed up in not knowing the meaning of what true love really is.

According to my dictionary, “love is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” So you see, we cannot possibly love material things. And as much as that cookie tastes like heaven, you can’t love it. 

None of us can wrap our heads around the word “love” because, we’ve changed the entire definition of it.

This is how we love now.

We love our clothes, our wine bottles, our new makeup palettes and our favorite bands. We love through digital screens and iPhones, making face to face interaction a thing of the past. We love ourselves too much, never letting anyone come too close. We love Kylie Jenner’s Instagram. We love take out Chinese and Netlix.

We love our fresh tubes of lipsticks, our YouTube subscriptions, our DIY home decor signs, and our dresses that show off our assets. We love our significant others’ haircut, the smell of their shaving cream, and the way they compliment your legs.

I know not everyone is like this. And I’m not trying to make it seem like our generation has no capacity in our hearts to truly love another human being. But, I just wish we could learn to love a little differently.

I want love to be the feeling of a fresh envelope that just got delivered from your long distance boyfriend. I want love to be dinner dates and dressing up for first impressions.

I want love to be jingling of keys and first kisses on the doorstep that makes your foot pop. I want love to be tears of joy when he tells you he loves you. And I want love to be hand written vows and till death do us part reminders.

Love is not dead, I know. And love will never be gone. But, we need to stop pretending that love is just silly word to throw around every second. You see, we all deserve great, raw love that touches every nerve in our bodies. We all should be told ” I love you” by another human being at least once. And we all deserve to be cherished until the end of forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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