Why The Biggest Assholes Are Actually The Biggest Cowards


Us girls tend to love the “bad boys”. The guys with swagger that could make Kanye West jealous of. The type of guys who can melt your heart with just a wink.

And the ones who usually are assholes.

I don’t know why we keep going back to them. It’s almost like there’s an invisible magnet pulling us towards them. And their magnet keeps rejecting ours. They wink at us and show off their dimples by flashing us a smile. They nod as we walk down the halls and maybe they even lend us a pencil when we need it.

They aren’t interested in us. Yet, we squeal when they look our way and our heart races at the thought of them. And for what? For a dopey smile that they flash at every single other girl that walks their way? For a wink that they use on teachers for a test retake? I don’t know why we do it, yet it seems like we will never stop.

The thing about the bad boys, is that they use their charm and exterior to get their way. That’s how they have always done it. And here’s the catch – I think the world’s biggest assholes are in fact the world’s most insecure people. They don’t know how to be anyone but the “bad boy” or the “charmer”.

They use their “good looks” to make friends, but I can guarantee you they are as insecure about their bodies as anyone else.

On campus or at their job, they are like celebrities. Everyone loves them. But do they really? Maybe people just like their confidence. Or they like to feel included in a group. But these boys aren’t confident. They’re scared.

They don’t have any other identity other than what other people call them. And they are cowards. These guys think that taking other people down will bring themselves up. They think that if they talk more trash on others, than they are going to be more likable. And they talk about girls behind their backs, whispering about that girl’s thighs or those girl’s pimples.

They hide behind a facade of charm. But they are anything but that. They are scared little boys, who get high off of making fun of others.

So, the next time you swoon at another “bad boy”, realize that despite his looks, he may not be a good person. I’m not suggesting to judge a book by it’s cover, I just think it would be wise to get to know someone before you faint when they wink at youThought Catalog Logo Mark

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