To My Fellow Women, Prince Charming Isn’t Going To Save You


Growing up, I watched Snow White being revived just from a simple kiss. I watched Sleeping Beauty also being saved just from a prince’s kiss. And then I watched Ariel almost kill herself just to be with a man she had never met before.

Those movies ultimately showed me that these women were never going to be truly happy without their prince charming. They wouldn’t even be alive without a precious kiss from them. I never thought I would be just like them, but as it turns out, my subconscious thought differently. I’m not going to blame childhood movies for wanting my own prince charming, but I think we all do want our own happy ending, and we want it standing by someone else.

I thought I met my prince charming when I was seventeen. And I guess I did for a while. He saved me from my own demons, from my negative thoughts, from my insults to my own self. He made me feel like I was the most beautiful thing on this earth. And I ate it up. I thought that he was all I needed to be happy.

But, after a while you realize that this person can’t save you from yourself. You have to do it alone. And eventually, you’ll realize that you won’t need a boy to stand beside you. You’ll just need you.

I could probably write a thousand more articles on the loss of who I thought was my “prince charming”, but that’s not the point of this article. The point of this is that whether you have lost the love of your life, or whether you have been single for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have loved, it’s happening for a reason. And I know, it feels like your heart will never recover. It feels like you could truly die from a broken heart. And you feel like a ghost of your past self, like you don’t even know yourself anymore.

And that’s because you don’t. Maybe this is all a sign from the universe that you need to focus on yourself, learn to be by yourself and to adore yourself. It’s a sign that you need to be your own damn person. And you need to love yourself in order to eventually be loved back. Then, you won’t need his kiss to hang on to. You won’t need his touch in order to breathe. You won’t need his whispers to calm your fast beating heart. You won’t need his love to save you. No matter how lonely or awful you feel, no man will ever fix you like you think he will. Your demons will always come back to you when he leaves.

You are stronger than you think. And I promise, you are better off hurting alone then hurting secretly along side another person. F*** Ariel and her desperation for Prince Eric that nearly destroyed her. F*** Sleeping Beauty needing to be saved by a Prince who probably had nothing better to offer to her than a few lip locks.

F*** the notion that you need another human being to be your savior. You have your own precious and beautiful self. I promise you, that’s all you need. You just need you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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