Stop Settling For Mediocre Love And Find The Real Thing


It’s easy to settle for choices we make in our in lives. And I understand wanting to make everything in your life easy, and smooth, with no blemishes reddening up the pages of your story.

But, wouldn’t you agree that an exciting adventure of a lifetime is a thousand times better than a boring non-threatening one?

It’s okay to settle for off brand shoes, or for a bikini from Target instead of a Victorias Secret one, but, love? Settling for plain love is like putting your hands up and saying that you have given up. Settling for mediocre love is handing Cupid his death sentence. It’s easy, yes. But, aren’t the scariest and hardest things in life, the most worth while?

If you are with someone who doesn’t look at you like you’re their entire planet, then what the hell are you doing with them? You deserve to be with someone who looks at you like you are everything they have ever wanted. Like they were born on this earth, just so they could be with you. You deserve the kind of love that is irreplaceable. You should be experiencing the type of love that doesn’t ever leave. One that won’t ever burn out.

My dear, you can settle for a lot of things in life that probably won’t ever effect your future, but love is not something to mess around with. In fact, the thing you should be the most careful and the most strict about is love. Do not be with someone just because they are “hot”. Do not be with someone just because they are “kind”. No.

Be with someone that would rather do nothing with you all day, than doing something exciting by themselves. Be with someone who wants to make you dance in the middle of the crowd and sing in the middle of silence. Be with someone who makes you believe in yourself. And be with someone who makes saying “I love you”, easy. Because you know it’s true.

My dear, you were brought into this earth to love and to be loved back fully. You were not made to love only 50 percent. And you were not made to be loved back only 50 percent of the time. Take your 100 percent love and run. Don’t make room for anything less. And don’t let your head guide your heart in the wrong direction.

My dear, you are not a mediocre person. You are strong. You are smart. You are enticing and you are oh, so gorgeous. Your love should be that way too. Please know, you should love someone who recognizes that the beautiful and ugly sides of you are perfect. And you don’t need to change a thing for them to love you back. They will just do it, because it’s true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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