I Knew It Was Over When I Needed You The Most And You Didn’t Come Back

Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

I remember the night when you ended it.
You ended it
with a grimace written on your face.
I said no over and over again.
But you ended it anyway.

You said it was easier for you.
More convenient.
You couldn’t handle the distance.
The airport security.
The months in between.
Or maybe you just wanted to kiss other lips.
To taste other tastes.

You watched me howl
to the silent and heavy night.
You watched my body contour and change
because you were the only thing
my bones knew.

You ended us.
Without my permission.
You didn’t listen when I told you
to think about it.
When I told you to please
sleep on it. Just sleep on it, darling.

Now you sleep next to a girl
who I don’t know.
Now you kiss someone who
gets permission to love you
and gets permission to be loved back.

You never gave me a chance.
You never gave me a say.
And after all of this
I’m still burning.
You stripped me of

I hope my scars haunt you.
I hope you read this and cry like how
I flooded my lungs over you.
I hope you read these words
And shake your head no
at my forest fire.

I’m sorry if the smoke gets too much
for you to handle.
I’m sorry if I burn your eyes
and make you howl to a moon
that never will respond back.
I am sorry.
But now you know
Now you know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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