8 Signs You Are On Your Way To Finding True Love

istockphoto.com / epicurean
istockphoto.com / epicurean

1. You have learned how to love yourself.

While being single, you have learned how to love again. You have slowly but surely, realized how to love yourself after heartache. And to be happy just by being you. Loving yourself is the only way for you to have a healthy relationship in the future and is essential for your own well being.

2. You are independent.

You don’t ask anyone for help now. You do most things on your own and you like it that way. You love being your own hero, and wouldn’t want it any other way. Even if someone comes along soon, you wouldn’t let them walk all over you or do everything for you. You are better than that.

3. You are over your ex.

You are completely, positively, 100% over your ex. You don’t think of him too much anymore, and when you do it’s a fond look back on some memories. You don’t dream about him anymore, and most definitely do not think about him sexually anymore. You would gladly welcome any new guy that comes into your life.

4. You aren’t holding onto the past anymore.

You have forgiven yourself and others, for past mistakes that were made. You don’t regret anything that happened in the past because you learned so much about yourself in the process. You don’t hold on to the broken parts of yourself anymore. You are free from your demons.

5. You don’t hate any of your past lovers.

You don’t hold grudges to any of your exes. You wish them well, but you aren’t bitter about any of your breakups. You are happy where you are now, and are happy to have been with them while it lasted. But now, you are more self-assured and happier than you were when you were with them.

6. You are confident.

You’ll know you’re ready for a relationship when you look at yourself in the mirror and are proud of what you see. You’ll not only be confident in your appearance, but also who you are underneath as a person.

7. You are content with your life right now.

You don’t need a man in your life, but if someone along the way shows up, you won’t be opposed to it. Despite being single right now, you are loving life. Focusing on yourself has really shaped you into a better human being and into a happier one too.

8. You aren’t lonely, but crave sharing experiences with someone new.

At night, you don’t cry yourself to sleep anymore. You don’t wish for a prince charming. You don’t stalk your ex on Instagram either. You are perfectly content with being by yourself. But, sometimes you do wish you had someone to share your amazing life with. And it’s not due to loneliness, it’s just human nature. And that’s ok too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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