7 Things I’m Done Apologizing For


I’ve probably spent half of my life apologizing and saying sorry for things that were out of my control, and weren’t anyone’s fault. I say sorry when someone else bumps into me at Starbucks, I say sorry when I get a different drink than I originally ordered and have to tell the barista, I say sorry when someone else does the breaking up, and I say sorry when I don’t feel comfortable hooking up with someone. And I’m finally done.

1. I’m done saying sorry for being a “prude”.

In the past I have said sorry for not wanting to kiss someone, or not wanting to go any further. I have said sorry for not wanting to be intimate with someone because I didn’t know them that well or for not feeling comfortable with them. And I never needed to apologize. Why should I apologize for saying how I feel and telling them how my body feels? I’m done feeling the need to say sorry to boys who probably don’t care about me anyway.

2. I’m done saying sorry for wearing certain clothes.

I’m done saying sorry if my clothes “offend” you. It’s my right to wear what I want and when I want. I’m not going to apologize for wearing a short dress, or wearing a bra that shows more cleavage. If what I wear makes you feel uncomfortable, than keep it to yourself, and walk away.

3. I’m done saying sorry for my feelings.

I have said sorry way too many times when I’m simply stating how I feel about someone. Last year, I had to let someone go who was important to me during that time. I kept saying “I’m so sorry but, this is how I feel and I have moved on”. Why did I keep apologizing for something that was out of my control? In hindsight, I know I was trying to soften the blow, but a “sorry” probably made no difference.

4. I’m done saying sorry for being emotional.

It’s time to stop apologizing for your own feelings, and for your own beliefs. I need to stop myself from saying “sorry” every time I start to tear up or god forbid cry. Crying and have feelings is not an offensive act. It’s just your body taking care of itself. And I’m done saying sorry for that.

5. I’m done saying sorry for turning someone down.

You know those guys at the bar that ask you to dance, or ask you for your number? I always, always without fail tell them “I’m so sorry but…”And finally, I’ve realized I don’t owe them anything. And I definitely don’t owe them an apology for not feeling the same way they do.

6. I’m done saying sorry for things I can’t control.

At all of my jobs, I have said sorry for anything and everything that goes wrong. I say sorry when the copier breaks. I say sorry when the printer stops working. I say sorry when mail goes missing. And I say sorry when someone else doesn’t do what they were supposed to do. None of these things were ever my fault and were always out of anyone’s control. I’m so done telling people I’m sorry when I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

7. I’m done saying sorry for being single or for being in a relationship.

Whenever I’m single, people like to tell me that one day I’ll find someone and to just keep looking. That’s when I usually say, “Sorry. but I’m actually not looking to even be in a relationship right now.” Was a sorry needed in that sentence? No. And whenever I’m in a relationship, people like to point that I used to be more fun, or I used to party more. And that’s when I usually say, “Sorry, but I’m trying to focus on my relationship right now.” Was that sorry needed? No, and it never is needed when you are explaining your priorities to someone else. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your life choices, and don’t ever let let them make you apologize for something that makes you happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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