7 Reasons Why Hopeless Romantics Are The Best People To Date

Samra Jean
Samra Jean

Hopeless romantics get a bad rap when it comes to their love lives. When you hear someone being labeled as such, you automatically picture a girl crying while watching “The Notebook”. But, hopeless romantics are a profound group of people. They are a force to be with reckoned with. And they sure as hell aren’t spending their nights moping around.

1. They are confident as f**k.

Hopeless romantics know what they want, when they want and are going to get it. Period. They are not going to pity themselves if something doesn’t work because they believe that one day they will find someone who treats them right. They will never settle for anyone that isn’t a treasure of a person.

2. They will love you with all that they have.

Hopeless romantics know how to take care of you, they know how to treat you well, and they love to do it. Why? Because they love the look on your face when they bring you breakfast to bed. They love the way your eyes light up when they tell you they love them. They love to make you smile. And they adore to love and be loved back with no hesitation.

3. They will make you a better person.

They will want you to know that you are capable of so much more. That you are a bright shining sun and you are worth everything in their eyes. They will want to make sure you recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. They will build you up and will never knock you down.

4. They have beautiful hearts.

Even if they have been burned in the past, they are still open and honest with you. They won’t hide from you in fear of rejection. They will tell you all their secrets that weigh on their heart at night and will bare their naked soul to you. And they won’t do it because they have to. They will do it because they trust you.

5. They are better in bed.

They will want to make you feel just as good, if not more than how you make them feel. They won’t love you fast to get it over with. They will make love to you slowly, carefully and beautifully. You are not a toy to them. You’re their miracle.

6. They will love over and over again.

If they get heartbroken, it won’t ever stop them from loving again. Even if their hearts get bruised or shattered, it won’t stop them from believing that someday, they will finally find “the one”. They are not naive, they are just filled with hope. And they love what love feels like.

7. They give the best advice.

They won’t tell you that love will come knocking on your door tomorrow. And they won’t tell you that heartbreak isn’t so bad after all. They will give you real advice, from their own experiences. They will tell you that sometimes love hurts, but to never ever stop looking for love. You’ll find it one day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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