7 Moments When All You Need Is Your Childhood Best Friend

istockphoto.com / epicurean
istockphoto.com / epicurean

1. When You Go Through Your First Heartbreak

There is nothing more soothing and reassuring as having your best friend that you’ve known forever, take you in their arms and let you sob to your heart’s content. And they already know you so well, that they will bring your favorite candy and ice cream to help soothe your soul.

2. When You First Fall In Love

They will be encouraging and will love you even if start spending less time with them to be with your significant other. They will be nothing but honest with you on whether or not they like the person you’re seeing. They won’t want you to settle for just anyone. And they will always be right.

3. When You Lose Your Virginity

After losing your virginity, there’s not many people you’ll feel comfortable telling. But you tell everything to your childhood best friend, and they will immediately know something is up just from the expression on your face. They will scream with joy and surprise when you tell them, and will jump up and down with you, giggling like you used to do as kids.

4. When You Start College

This is the first time you will be apart from each other. And it’s going to be hard to get used to. But, one day you are going to call her up crying and she will drive up on a Friday night to see you right away. Even if you are miles apart, you’re never going to lose touch.

5. When You Get Roaring Drunk For The First Time

Almost everyone in college has gotten too drunk at least once in their life. When it happens to you for the first time, there’s nothing more pleasant to hear than your best friend’s voice on the phone who has the exact same pounding headache as you.

6. When You Experience Depression Or Anxiety For The First Time

Your childhood best friend knows you like the back of their hand. They will know when you feel scared, sad, disheartened and everything in between. If you are feeling like you are having bouts of depression or anxiety, they aren’t going to judge you. Ever. They will hold you through it all, and will let you talk to your heart out to them. They will never ever let you go.

7. When Your Pet Passes Away

Your childhood best friend has known your pet ever since you got him as a puppy. When you tell them you are going to have to let them go, they will cry with you. They know that pets are a huge, essential part of the family. They will hurt with you, and will grab your hand tightly, to let you know that they aren’t going anywhere. And they never, ever will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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