Nothing Was Ever Going To Break Us, Until We Broke Ourselves

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

Drinking wine makes me think of you.

not solely you,
but the way you made me feel.

You made me feel like I could touch the stars 
even if the world was ending,
like I could defy gravity
and do it with grace.

You made me think my laugh
was the most glorious sound,
like the way you read aloud.
And you made me think that whatever I
touched turned into symphonies, like
the way you played guitar.

You made me feel like I could do

in this world.
And with you, I could

Nothing was ever going to break us.
We drank glasses of wine together
and felt our lips taste the same taste.
You made me feel like I was unbreakable.

But, my glass broke.

And then I knew I was the shattered one.
And you were the sun that made the earth feel safe.
And you were the whole
and I was the piece. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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