25 Weird Things That Can Only Happen To You If You’re An Identical Twin

1. When your boyfriend accidentally kisses your twin instead of you.

2. When you hit puberty and guys start begging you and your sister for a threesome because it’d be “really hot.”

3. When you’re the one twin that wasn’t invited to a classmate’s 10th birthday party.

4. When people assume you have telepathic powers and demand that you prove it by reading each other’s minds right that second.

5. When you like the same boy and he can’t decide which twin he likes better because “you’re the exact same person.”

6. When it’s Twin Day at school and you can’t win because that’s considered cheating.

7. When a drunk woman at the bar decides to announce loudly  that she can definitely tell the difference between the two of you because “one of you is skinnier.”

8. When you both audition for the school musical but only one of you gets a role so you both learn the part and take turns performing without anyone knowing anyway.

9. When you take a walk around campus and a girl excitedly hugs you thinking you’re the other twin.

10. When people think they’re being original by encouraging you to “live separate lives so you can grow by yourselves.”

11. When you both get the same gift on your birthday. Every. Single. Year.

12. When you receive yet another joint card because no one has the decency to think of you as separate people.

13. When no one uses your actual names because referring to “the twins” is just easier.

14. When people assume you have the same exact personality and goals because you “have the same exact DNA.”

15. When you both take the same forensic class and people freak out when they realize you don’t have identical fingerprints.

16. When your family looks at your baby photos and no one has any idea which one you are.

17. When you watch “The Parent Trap” and can honestly say that you totally get it, but feel seriously disappointed upon learning that lead actress Lindsay Lohan isn’t actually a twin.

18. When you grow obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson to an extent that no one else can really understand.

19. When you actually say the exact same thing at the exact same time and people lose their shit.

20. When you end up wearing the same thing accidentally and people assume you did it on purpose.

21. When people don’t even acknowledge your existence because they’re terrified of getting your name wrong.

22. When you have to explain to yet another person at a party what the difference is between you and your twin.

23. When you go through your awkward phase at the exact same time, and can vent to each other about how awful it is.

24. When you finally learn to turn your head automatically when someone’s calling your twin’s name because they’re probably in fact trying to get your attention.

25. When the number one question people ask you is “Which one of you is the evil twin?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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